Winged Chase

Available at Petco

Our Pets Catty Whack

Available at Petco is owned by our friend Laurent Jaccard who has dedicated a great deal of his time to covering important Bengal topics and has some of the most adorable Bengal apparel and gifts available in his online shop:

Excellent Quality, Top Safety Rated!!!

Cat Exercise Wheel by:

Zanies Furry Mice

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Surgery Recovery Suit


Madison & Maude

Beautifully made, superb quality leather cat collars and other gifts. Custom chosen materials while still using break away hardware.

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SmartCat Ultimate

Scratching Post

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The ScoopyLoo sit's conveniently on the side of your litter box, holding a large waste bag open for you. It also carries the scoop on the side of its container. TabbyRoo has made scooping boxes a breeze!

Announcement 7/18/20: We have been assigned to a new duty station and are currently relocating to Fort Lee, Virginia.

 Update 8/11/20: We are about 2/3rd done moving, we appreciate your patience during this challenging time.

Our Pets Cosmic Catnip 

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Leaps & Bounds Crinkle Cat Tunnel

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Bengals love their toys! Here's a few of our favorites: 

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

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Nekoflies Ultimate Rod

​Very Durable, Bengal Favorite!

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100% Odor Elimination

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Da Bird Feather Teaser

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Laser Pointer

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Feather Teaser

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Bergan Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

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SSSCat Spray, detours cats from unwanted areas. Available: