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Our family has used Litter Robot since 2009 and personally recommend them to anyone that owns a feline companion. We have incorporated multiple systems into our cattery which significantly cut down on some of the dirty work. Not only are they efficient at saving litter and cutting down on smell, they use most clumping litter brands and can use normal litter pan liner bags or even regular trash bags. Check them out and save $25 on the new Litter-Robot Open Air at:

Sharm Leo Elise of Liberty Bengals at On Safari Bengal Congress - Ohio, 2017

​ Most common questions can be answered in our Purchase Info and FAQs pages. If you would like to secure one of our kittens please fill out our application, we will review and contact you upon approval.

Please understand we receive many inquiries and try to respond as soon as possible, our website is current and updated regularly. 

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