Show Schedule:​​

January 26th - 27th (Attended):Allentown, PA

February 9th - 10th (Attended):  AKC Meet the Breeds in NYC

​February 16th - 17th (Attended): Raleigh, NC

March 8th-10th (Attended):Columbus, OH

March 15th - 17th (Attended):Chantilly, VA 

March ​​30th - 31st (Attended): Syracuse, NY - CFA Show

April 19th - 21st (Attended):Reading, PA

June 21st - 23rd (Attended): WINN Feline Health Conference in MD

June 27th (Attended): WINN Feline Health Symposium in New York

July 13th - 14th (Attended): Windsor, NY - TICA Show

July 20th - 21th (Attended): Medina, Ohio - TICA Show

July 26th - 28th (Attended):Fred Scott Feline Symposium - Cornell University

August 3rd-4th (Attended): Hagerstown, MD

August 10th - 11th (Attended): Largo, FL

​August 16th-18th (Attended): Dayton, OH​​

​August 30th - Sept 2nd (Attended): Las Vegas, NV - Bengal On Safari

September 14th - 15th (Attended): Racine, WI 

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The United Cat Club Inc. was founded by Jessica & Michael Petras in August 2018 with the goal to promote the health and welfare off all cats. The club greatly appreciates the help of its officers, members and volunteers.