Photos below were stolen from our website

Scam Cattery: TabbyBengals.com aka LittleBengals.com



Photos are stolen from Wild N' Sweet Bengals in Canada

Submitted by a scam victim: 

Scam Cattery "Glorious Sphynx Kittens"


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Scam Cattery "Affectionate Bengal Breeders"


Confirmed stolen photos

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Scam Cattery "Star Bengals" aka 

​"Gorgeous Bengals"

As a dedicated breeder, I have heard countless stories over the years of victims falling for fake websites selling Bengals. Scammers steal photos from websites like ours and then use those photos to fool innocent people into sending money only to find out they will never receive such kitten. Some scammers have even become elaborate enough to provide shipment tracking numbers and then demand additional money for the transporter to purchase a crate and or airfare.  If the price of the kitten is too good to be true, well... it probably is.  The average price for a Bengal kitten from an ethical breeder is $1500 - $3000. Anything less than that without a very reasonable explanation, is a red flag and trying to bait you for your money.  Think about it, is $600 really worth your time and energy to go through the stress of reporting and pursuing the court system months on end?  This is why they list lower prices, because they're relying on you to give up, and now it's time to fight back by bringing awareness on how to protect yourself from thieves.

A cattery that health tests, shows their cats and are active in the feline community, proves commitment to enhancing the breed. These catteries are usually considered hobby breeders and not financially profitable.  Why?  Because they love their breed and don't cut corners just for money, breeding is down right expensive when done properly.  Each cat show a breeder travels and enters can cost anywhere from $800 - $2000 easily.  A non-dedicated breeder doesn't care about breeding towards the breed standard and pockets that expense for themselves.  If you're not testing, and trying to improve the overall health and structure of your lines - Why are they breeding?  Breeding is an art, not a living and it's up to you to decide what type of breeder you want to support. Do your homework, be patient when looking for kittens, don't rush the process. My goal to provide healthy, happy kittens in ready and educated homes. But we need you to do your homework first, Bengals are domestic cats bred to resemble a wild leopard with an active personality.  An ethical breeder works hard to use very social lines that protects the breeds domestication consideration long term with legislation.  However, we need you to make sure you're ready for a toddler in a cat body as grandma's nick nacks are probably going to need to be put away.  Prefer a calmer breed? Consider a Persian or Ragdoll instead.  Want a cat you can likely talk to daily, maybe harness train and hike with?  Then the Bengal Cat is it. 

Due to the large influx of scammers stealing our photos, we've decided to list each known fake website to our knowledge below. When contacting a real breeder you should be able to do a video chat, or contact their vets office to verify they're an active client of theirs, and or have them provide genetic test results of the parents. I cannot stress how important just doing genetic testing on the parents is, there are very real often hidden diseases that can cause your kitten to develop blindness, anemia, etc.  Support preservation breeders that can provide you with hard copies of their health screenings.

Help stop online fraud websites:

Check the website's registration history, you can do so at: https://who.is

Scammer website are often newly made and less than a year old. Once you know which company hosts the website, you can report it directly to them. You can also contact Google as well. ​The FBI has an Internet Crime Complaint Center with an online report option at:  https://www.ic3.gov/Home/ComplaintChoice/default.aspx

Fake Websites: 

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Scam Catteries:


& Standardfeline012.com





ZARA-FEMALE Photo is ours and stolen from our website.

Scam website: www.BengalFriendly.com