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Photos are stolen from Wild N' Sweet Bengals in Canada

Submitted by a scam victim: 

Scam Cattery "Affectionate Bengal Breeders"

Confirmed stolen photos


ZARA-FEMALE Photo is ours and stolen from our website.


Submitted by a scam victim: 

Scam Cattery "Star Bengals" aka 

​"Gorgeous Bengals"

As a dedicated breeder, I cannot tell you how many have fallen victim to fake websites selling Bengals.  Scammers steal photos from websites like ours and then use those photos to fool innocent people into sending money only to find out they will never receive such kitten. Some scammers have even become elaborate enough to provide shipment tracking numbers and then demanding additional money for the transporter to purchase a crate and or airfare. 

Another breeder has taken the time to create a website listing only verified ethical breeders doing the appropriate genetic testing and health screenings at:

Due to the large influx of scammers stealing our photos, we've decided to list each known fake website to our knowledge below.

Fake Websites: