2017/2018 TICA Kitten Regional Winner - 13th Place of 133
3rd Best Bengal Kitten in the Mid Atlantic
16th Best Bengal Kitten of 343 Internationally

1st Place National and Regional CFA Agility Competitor
Current CFA Title: Agility Winner
Last Update: 5/20/18

TICA Supreme Grand Champion & Mid Atlantic Regional Winner All Breed Kitten
2017 3rd Best Bengal Kitten in Mid Atlantic
2017 13th Best All Breed Kitten in Mid Atlantic
2017 16th Best Bengal Kitten Internationally of 343 competing!
2018 CFA Champion; Agility Winner - Ranked as 1st Place National/Regional in June 2018

Preston joined our program from Anthony Hutcherson's beautiful & highly honored LA SGC JungleTrax Prestige x LA OD SGC JungleTrax Abiding Ovation litter. Since 4 months of age, Preston has earned over 50 awards in his show career. After earning his Supreme Grand Champion title in January 2019, he has retired from showing & relaxes at home siring beautiful offspring to continue his legacy. He's an 8th generation Bengal known for his wild jungle cat look, whited underbelly, vibrant rosettes & excellent social temperament.

RW  SGC  AW  JungleTrax Preservation