TICA Supreme Grand Champion, Regional Winner All Breed Kitten & Championship Adult for the Mid Atlantic
2017 - 2018 3rd Best Bengal Kitten in Mid Atlantic
2017 - 2018 13th Best All Breed Kitten in Mid Atlantic
2017 - 2018 16th Best Bengal Kitten Internationally of 343 competing!
2018 CFA Champion; Agility Winner - Ranked as 1st Place National/Regional in June 2018

​2018 - 2019 3rd Best Bengal Championship Adult in Mid Atlantic

​2018 - 2019 22nd Best Allbreed Champion Adult in Mid Atlantic

Preston joined our program from Anthony Hutcherson's beautiful & highly honored LA SGC JungleTrax Prestige x LA OD SGC JungleTrax Abiding Ovation litter. Since 4 months of age, Preston has earned over 50 awards in his show career. After earning his Supreme Grand Champion title in January 2019, he has retired from showing & has relaxed at home siring beautiful offspring to continue his legacy. He's an 8th generation Bengal known for his wild jungle cat look, whited underbelly, vibrant rosettes & excellent social temperament.

Preston was retired in early 2021 to a lovely family.  We miss him greatly and appreciate all of the wonderful kittens he left us to continue his legacy with. 

RW  SGC  AW  JungleTrax Preservation

2017 - 2018 TICA Kitten Regional Winner - 13th Place of 133
3rd Best Bengal Kitten in the Mid Atlantic
16th Best Bengal Kitten of 343 Internationally

1st Place National and Regional CFA Agility Competitor
Current CFA Title: Agility Winner
Last Update: 5/20/18