Oasis Bengals Scarlett Flare - $800 ***Reserved***

Scarlett was a previous queen here at LibertyBengals that was retired in early 2019. She was rehomed with a wonderful couple in Tonawanda, New York.  Sadly the wife's husband passed away recently from cancer and the life changes have made it difficult for her to be home and care for Scarlett. During Scarlett's time with us, she was a wonderful mother that loved talking and playing with us on a daily basis.  If you are interested in adopting her for 

an $800 adoption fee, please contact Judith at: judith.weiland@gmail.com

Description provided by current owner:

"Scarlett is a sweet lovable 3-year-old snow Bengal who likes being a single cat. She lived with other cats at the cattery and I don't know how she would be with dogs. She is good with kids and adults and loves a lap to curl up in. My grandkids play with her constantly when they are here. She so gentle and patient with them. We’ve had her since March when she was retired from the breeder's program. Since then, my husband passed away and my circumstances have drastically changed. I’m gone long hours most days and she is alone a lot of the time. The loneliness is starting to reflect in her. It isn’t good for her or me. She needs a new better situation with someone around more frequently. Jessica of Liberty Bengals is helping to find a suitable home and knows Scarlett’s history up to when she came to live with us. Scarlett currently eats high quality kibble-Orijen (because I couldn’t feed raw with my husband’s illness) and she was on a raw diet when she was at the breeder. She likely would be happy transitioning back to raw. She is curious, inquisitive, interested in new people, and loves a window to look out. She uses a litter box with hardwood pellets. I have a cat jacket for taking her out and a big cat tree you’re welcome to have along with her cat boxes, carrier, and any other miscellaneous items of hers. She also has a pet passport as she was an import from Russia. She is a beautiful Bengal with a lovely temperament and deserves a home that can give her the all the attention she deserves."