How We Feed:


We strongly recommend a raw diet, there's a significant increase in activity levels, growth and strength when your kitten receives the proper amount of protein, vitamins, minerals and moisture. Simply giving just dry food can cause dehydration, kidney issues, and poor growth in kittens and adults. Many pet food companies add salt to dry food to increase thirst drive as cats are not naturally driven to drink a lot of water, most of their moisture should come from the primary source of food. Cats are obligate carnivores and do not require grains or vegetables, their stomach is naturally very acidic and designed to digest raw meat and natural bacteria. When feeding raw, your feline receives less chemical ingredients and fillers, which equals less stool and smell.

Three times a day we offer raw ground chicken and add Kitty Bloom VM 900+3 & NuVet. We recommend before picking up your kitten to consider purchasing some pre-packaged raw food from a trusted company and use the Raw Daily Calculator​ to get an idea of how much to feed your cat or kitten. It's very important to handle raw properly, avoid grocery store meats for pet use and purchase from immediate slaughter and freeze sources such as local farms, or specializing companies such as Top Quality Dog Food,  Hare Today or Fegnion.

NuVet is an excellent immune system building powder that can be easily sprinkled onto food. Their feline formula is a high-quality supplement that incorporates a precise formula of antioxidants, amino acids, taurine, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs and more. To order online visit:

Life's Abundance Products:

Recommended after 1 yr of age

Originated in 1998 with Dr. Jane Bicks, a holistic veterinarian created this line of feline nutrition with the idea of no artificial flavors, colors, corn, corn gluten, wheat or wheat gluten. Containing wholesome ingredients, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics and live probiotics at consumption. 

These products are produced in small batches on a weekly basis and delivered directly to your doorstep to maintain optimal freshness generally within 4-6 days of being made. Our Bengals love the Turkey Heart treats and Grain-Free (Yellow Can) Products.

To order online, visit:

Litter's We Use:

Because kittens tend to eat litter when weaning & litter box training we use Feline Pine Pellets in traditional style litter pans. It's also significantly less messy with playful kittens.  We recommend starting your kitten off with pine pellets in a small room, such as a bath room, for the first 48 hours and gradually transition to your preferred litter.  For clumping litter, we use Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract or Cat Attract Litter for some of our adults.  

Available at: & Petco or Petsmart

Interested in making your own raw? Here's an excellent recipe and website to help understand the basics of getting started using your own grinder: - Quick Start GuideDo not use grocery store meats, they are not handled quickly enough and often have too much bacteria growth. These meats are meant to be cooked before human consumption. 

​You can purchase ground chicken from Top Quality Dog Food or Hare-Today. During farming season we often purchase whole chickens from a local farm and package and grind the meat ourselves. We use a Weston 22 commercial grinder (Retails for around $600) but the Tasin TS 108 is highly rated as a good home grinder for around $150.  

Don't want to invest in a grinder yet? Check out this recipe using Pre-ground Chicken/Bone/Organ Mix (Available at Hare Today): - Easy Recipe for Busy People

For an insightful explanation on why raw is the optimal feline diet, check out Dr. Karen Becker's video below:

Commercial Food Choices:

While we are strong believers that a raw diet is the best optimal choice for Bengals, especially kittens, we recognize this isn't possible for every home. We strongly encourage at a minimum a moist diet using high quality, grain-free, whole meat canned food as the primary source of nutrition.

We've found that pate style processed canned foods often result in soft stool in young kittens and recently began suggesting another brand called Applaws. This company has a line of limited ingredient whole meat canned food that has been received well amongst our kittens. If you decide not to do raw, we recommend gradually transitioning to this brand to help avoid an upset stomach. Feline designed probioticsand pumpkin are known to help stool consistency and aid in diet transitions.