Isabella "Izzy" is from our fellow breeding friend Amy-Beth Miller of Pawsabilities Bengals that we traded kittens with in early 2019. Izzy is a funny girl that enjoys talking to us and spends a lot her time cuddling in our laps. We are in love with her beautiful silky coat, small ears, thick tail, strong chin and profile with wonderful anchorage between the rosettes.  We look forward to pairing her with our Silver Charcoal Stud Roush in 2020.

Show History: 

July 2019: Cats Ahoy - Windsor, CT

5th Best Short Hair Kitten - Aline Noel Garel

3rd Best Short Hair Kitten - Tatyana Kalani

4th Best All Breed Kitten - Odette Lamoureux

December 2019: Philidelphia Tea Party - Lebanon, PA

5th Best Short Hair Champion - Tatyana Kalani

8th Best All Breed Champion - Jay Bangle

December 2019: Temple, GA

3rd Best Allbreed Cat - Rick Hoskinson

9th Best Allbreed Cat - Robin Higgins

January 2020: Oaks, PA

5th Best Allbreed Cat - Marilyn Gregg

January 2020: Allentown, PA

4th Best Shorthair Cat - Elektra Hammond

Grand Champion Pawsabilities Isabella