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Please keep mind we are hobby breeders & work full time 

Cattery passed a veterinarian inspection on 10/9/19

To reserve, submit an application under the Purchase Info page.

Kittens go to approved homes only, a $250 deposit will be required to hold.


Queen: RW SGC LibertyBengals Katniss Everdeen - PEDIGREE

Genetics: PKD1 N/N, PRA-b N/N, PK-Def N/N

Color: Brown & C/cs "Seal Lynx" carrier

Non-Marble Carrier, HCM Screening Clear 1/19/20

Sire: RW SGC MiniLeo Disco - PEDIGREE 

Genetics: PKD1 N/N, PRA-b N/PRA, PK-Def N/N

Color: Brown & A/APb Carrier "Charcoal" Carrier

Non-Marble Carrier, HCM Screening Clear 3/11/21

Kitten ID: Red Collar - RESERVED FOR ELMER

Sex: Male

Color: Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby

Birthdate: 9/14/21

Top Quality Pet Price: $2500

​Ready to go home: Mid to Late December

Includes Neuter microchip, vaccines and deworming

Parental screening guarantees against PRA-b (Bengal Blindness)
and PK-Def (Hemolytic Anemia)