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Official Awards for 2019-2020
IW CH AW LibertyBengals Phoenix Flare: Best International Female Bengal Kitten, 18th Best International Allbreed Kitten, 3rd Best Mid-Atlantic Allbreed Kitten,

Mid-Atlantic Best Bengal Kitten

RW SGC LibertyBengals Hera:
Mid-Atlantic Best Bengal Adult,

8th Best Mid-Atlantic Kitten,

11th Best Mid-Atlantic Cat

RW SGC AW LibertyBengals Primrose: 21st Best MA Cat

RW SGC LibertyBengals Katniss 25th Best MA Cat (2nd RW)

 RW GRC Pawsabilities Isabella

22nd Best MA Shorthair Cat

Liberty Bengals holds a U.S. Fish & Wildlife

Import/Export License and can ship

within the USA & Internationally

Luise - Breeder Female from Kai​​

David - Breeder Female from Preston​​

Sabastian - from Luna x Preston

Sabastian - from C.shade x Preston

Linda - Silver or Snow

Maureen - 2 Females

Regina - Brown Female or Male

Paul - Silver or Brown

Meghan - Any color Female

​Abdullah - Brown Male​​

​Anna - Brown Male

​Ashley - Silver or Snow

Travis - Brown Male​​

Tracie - Brown Female

*** Kittens are evaluated privately for the first 8 weeks of age. We then contact our waiting list by order of deposit received.  To join our waiting list, please review our FAQ & Purchase Info page, then submit an application with deposit. ***



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JungleTrax Countershade x RW SGC AW JungleTrax Preservation


1 Brown Male, 1 Blue Male &

2 Brown Females

SolanaRanch Liberation x RW SGC AW JungleTrax Preservation


1 Brown Male, 1 Brown Female

CH Cocobana Luna x RW SGC AW JungleTrax Preservation


4 Brown Females, 3 Brown Males

RW SGC AW JungleTrax Preservation

x LibertyBengals Lunar Eclipse


4 Brown Females, 2 Brown Males

Health Guarantee

Liberty Bengals was veterinarian inspected on 10/9/19 by Dr. Niedziela of Countryside Veterinary Clinic in Lowville, NY.  Our breeding program is proud to report perfect scoring again

for the 2018 & 2019 CFA and TICA cattery evaluation program!

Dual Registered with TICA & CFA

All of our kittens are hand

raised indoors, spayed or neutered, current vaccinations, dewormed and examined by a licensed veterinarian before going home around 12-14 weeks of age. Each receive a 72 hour warranty for viral diseases as well as a 1 year warranty for congenital and hereditary defects, along with 30 days of free Trupanion pet insurance. 

All breeders are screened routinely for HCM, FIV/FeLV, PKD1, PRA-b & PK Deficiency.

Announcement 7/18/20: We have been assigned to a new duty station and are currently relocating to Fort Lee, Virginia.

 Update 8/11/20: We are about 2/3rd done moving, we appreciate your patience during this challenging time.

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Jessica Petras

Army EOD Wife, Mother of two, Professional Seamstress & small business owner. President of United Cat Club and New Member Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Region. Awarded 2019 TICA

Mid Atlantic Member of the Year.

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Google: Bengal Kittens for sale - Bengal cats for sale - Bengal Cat Breeders


Liberty Bengals is a TICA registry prefix 

Our TICA cattery number is 30898

Last Update: 8/11/20


SSG Michael Petras​

Active Duty Army Master EOD (Bomb Tech) Team Leader & Instructor that has served four times in Afghanistan, currently stationed at Fort Lee, VA. Cattery developer, delivery driver ​and administrative assistant.  

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