Oasis Bengals Scarlett Flare - Seal Lynx Point

Optimal Selection's Live DNA Test Results

PKD1 N/N, PRA-b N/N, PK Deficiency N/N 

Color: C/cs & A/a

Dr. Kaelin of Stanford: Non-Marble Carrier

FIV/FeLV/Heartworm Test: Negative

HCM Screening: Upcoming

Pedigree:  CinnamonRoush

Exotique Bengals Saleen - Brown Spotted

Liberty Bengals routinely tests for:

PRA-b (Bengal Blindness)

 PK Deficiency (Hemolytic Anemia)

 PKD1 (Polycystic Kidney Disease)

 FIV/FeLV (Feline Immunodeficiency & Leukemia Virus)

 HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - Heart Disease)

Current Random Fecal PCR Test: CLICK HERE

Cattery Passed a veterinarian inspection 9/13/18 & received perfect scores for the CFA & TICA evaluation programs

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Xenia is a gentle elegant and affectionate girl, she enjoys lying in our laps and will do anything for a dish of wet or raw food. Her coat is extremely soft with beautiful hints of glitter. She is a perfect match for our Silver Charcoal male Roush. 

AngelsIAm Vera Xenia - Silver Charcoal

LibertyBengals Cinnamon Rose - Brown Spotted

Lea is a very loving and playful girl. She's one of our homegrown keepers from Luna x Milo. We enjoy her pattern flow that resembles a Jaguar style print along with a nice thick tail and decent head type. We look forward to pairing her with Preston in 2018. 

Photo credits to Exotique Bengals

SolanaRanch Liberation "Libby" - Brown Spotted

JungleTrax Cinnamon Splendor traveled from our hometown Waldorf, Maryland to us here at Fort Drum, New York in June 2017. We are very excited about this sweet and wild looking beauty being apart of our program. She is LA OD SGC JungleTrax Abiding Ovation's littermate and comes from a very impressive championship lineage. Thank you, Anthony Hutcherson, for entrusting her to us, we appreciate your hard work, time and efforts!

To view an informative video about Bengals featuring Anthony with Ovation, visit: FAQs

Scarlett is our silly girl that loves company. She enjoys laying in our laps and has the cutest voice. This girl aims to please & extremely sweet. 


Saleen is extremely sweet, always purring & ready to play. She has a beautiful thick soft coat with excellent multi tone color. Her sire is Supreme Grand Champion Exotique Helios with GRC Gogee's Black Beard in her lineage. 

JungleTrax Cinnamon Splendor - Brown Spotted

Champion Cocobana Bengals Luna - Seal Mink Spotted

LibertyBengals Lunar Eclipse "Lea" - Seal Mink Spotted


Libbie is an ultimate purring machine, she's very affectionate and does amazing with children. She has a wild look to her with nice head type and pattern flow. She is a purrfect match for our young boy Preston. 

Upcoming Queen:

Luna has earned the Champion TICA Title. She is a very smart, social, playful and gentle girl that loves water. We have caught her jumping up and turning light switches off and often jumps in the tub during bath time. 

Rose is very affectionate and curious, she always purrs when we pick her up and enjoys playing. She is our homegrown girl from JungleTrax Cinnamon Splendor x Champion ExotiqueBengals Roush.

We love her small rounded ears and large nocturnal round eyes. We look forward to showing her in 2018.