Darwin's Natural Pet Products offers convenient pre-packaged raw food custom tailored to your pets specific needs. To order online and have mailed directly to your door step, visit:

1+ Years of Age

Fegnion is a family-owned and operated raw cat food company based in NYC. Creators of a True Raw and Biologically Appropriate Nutrition your carnivore craves. Their recipes are evidence-based and formulated by a team of clinical pharmacists and veterinarians. All products are handcrafted in their Brooklyn facility in small batches to ensure only the highest quality. Only humanely processed, high-quality, hand-selected human-grade meats are used in their products. They are proud supporters of the Bengal Community and our first pick for Feline Rare Nutrition. To order online, visit:

NuVet is an excellent immune system building powder that can be added to any food. Their feline powder is a high-quality supplement that incorporates a precise formula of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs and more. To order visit:

There are many different opinions and methods for nutrition. Here are some of our preferred and or popular options: 

4-12 Months of Age

Earthborn is a holistic grain free food, available for online order at:

0-4 Months of Age