Our History



Since 2004, Michael and I have been together chasing the

American dream. In 2009 he joined the U.S. Army as an active

duty EOD Tech (Bomb Squad) while I developed a small Sewing,

Embroidery and Vinyl business. Over the years we have enjoyed

working with local feline rescues by fostering, volunteering and

 assisting special needs. From an early age I've had a mild

obsession with cats, often bring home strays and trying to tame

ferals. After many years of experiencing different personalities

 nothing caught my attention like our first Bengal Stella. 


Stella came from Cocobana Bengals as a pet, from the very first

day we knew something was very different about her. The

interaction with us was almost dog like, often talking back to us

and trying to mimic the tone of our voices. As she grew older her

intelligence and personality captured our interest. She began to

fetch, sync into our moods and always wanted to be around us

including the kids. Naturally we wanted another, especially with

her active personality in desperate need of a playmate. Then Luna

our snow came along and the two of them captured our hearts. 


Luna has a very different personality, whenever a bath tub or

sink is turned on she comes running to investigate. Often sitting

on the edge of the tub watching us bathe the kids and even jumping in the shower with us. She is always nearby either playing or sitting in someone's lap. As she grew older we knew we would have to face a decision - spay or take up a long desired hobby of breeding. 


Our cattery focuses on bring healthy, intelligent, loyal companions to forever homes. All of our kittens are hand raised indoors, vaccinated, dewormed and examined by a licensed veterinarian before going home with a 72 hour warranty for viral diseases as well as a 1 year warranty for congenital defects and genetic diseases. Liberty Bengals routinely tests for PRA (Bengal Blindness), PK-Def (Hemolytic Anemia), PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease), FIV/FeLV (Feline Immunodeficiency & Leukemia Virus) and HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - Heart Disease).  Liberty Bengals holds an U.S. Fish & Wildlife Import/Export License.


After confirmation of pregnancy a waiting list opens and we accept deposits on that litter. Non-refundable deposits for Pet Purposes is $250 or $500 for breeding purposes. Once the litter is born we will notify you of the outcome, pricing of the kittens is not established till 4-6 weeks of age. If your desired color and or sex is not produced your deposit can be transferred to another litter. Picks are offered on a first come - first serve basis. We do not allow cattery visits without an appointment and deposit beforehand. Visits are limited to a strict maximum 60 minute session, this is to reduce stress on our kittens and breeders. Under no circumstances are you allowed to pick up any of our adults or kittens, you may sit on the floor with your kitten and play with him or her only. We want to reduce any risk or possible injuries to yours and or another persons kitten. Kittens are very delicate and building their immune system, their physical and mental health is our top priority. Our cattery is cleaned and sanitized daily, our breeders are our pets and treated like family. 

The old saying you get what you pay for holds true especially in the realm of Bengals.  Breeding is expensive and when done properly there truly isn't much profit, in fact we have yet to profit which we're proud to admit. The very first set of health tests and screening for each breeding pair easily starts at $1000 and up, but the reassurance is priceless when it prevents future heart ache in their offspring.  We hope as you visit our website you see the passion and commitment we have to every life within our home that we consider a serious hobby and deeply enjoy.  As you visit other breeders write down a check list and questions you may have. Your breeder should be like a funnel, filtering out diseases in the parents before they get passed onto offspring and able to assist you with providing proof and feedback. The last thing you want is to invest yourself into a kitten that will fail to even reach adulthood due to a lack of preventive measures that is considered a standard among all ethical breeders.  


If you have any questions please feel free to email us, someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Every week we will post updates on litters along with new photos and video.  Please feel free to follow us on facebook at:









BEWARE OF CRAIGSLIST & INTERNET ADS! There have been many reports of fake listings using Bengal kittens as bait for scams. International imports/exports often require licenses, fees and specific USFW forms to be filed out months in advance. Only buy directly from a registered breeder that you can ask questions, see photos and video of your inquiry. Ask for pedigrees and health screenings, each of our queens/studs has their available test results posted publicly with hard copies provided upon request. Avoid back yard breeders, genetic testing is expensive and highly recommend in order to produce a greater possibility of healthy offspring. Breeding is an expensive task and often times the cost of testing, housing, healthcare and showing takes up most if not all profit. Liberty Bengals routinely tests for PRA (Bengal Blindness), PK-Def (Hemolytic Anemia), PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease), FIV/FeLV (Feline Immunodeficiency & Leukemia Virus) and HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - Heart Disease).