While the USDA considers Bengal Cats domestic, the USFW agency has deemed the Bengal breed regardless of generation as “Wildlife Hybrids” along with an undisclosed ancestry ban for international import/export. We have extensive knowledge in this area and have been successful dealing with the opposing government agencies. 

We are active in the Bengal Cat community by providing legislative & genetic resources while supporting fundraising efforts for scientific research & public outreach. We hope to utilize our experience to influence legislative change and make our dream a reality that Bengal Cats are considered domestic in every U.S. jurisdiction.

If elected we are committed to serving the breed by promoting growth, proactively address legal issues and create more educational resources for every Bengal Cat owner. We hope you consider our experience as a valuable tool that can be used towards moving the breed forward in the future.

2017 Bengal Breed Committee Candidate

Jessica Petras

Thank you for taking your time to get to know us and for your consideration in the 2017 Bengal Breed Committee Election.

My husband and I are active Bengal breeders of Liberty Bengals and often attend TICA shows in the NE & MA region. Our cattery is committed to genetics, health & temperament. While we both grew up in Waldorf, Maryland we are an active duty Army EOD family currently stationed at Fort Drum, NY.  Since 2005 we have supported feline rescue groups by fostering, volunteering and assisting special needs. Years later we fell in love with the Bengal breed and took up a long desired hobby of breeding.